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Arta Boga Cemerlang

Arta Boga Cemerlang was established in 1985 as 's sole distributor. It has been distributing products from a number of producers to all locations in Indonesia. In fact, the precursor of Arta Boga Cemerlang was formed in 1948.

Today, Arta Boga Cemerlang has evolved into one of the largest distribution company in Indonesia, focusing on consumer goods such as biscuits, wafers, candies, instant noodles, health drinks, peanuts, snacks, and batteries. Each product category could have more than one brand.

Arta Boga Cemerlang has built a solid distribution network, covering big and small cities all over Indonesia. Today, the sales division of Arta Boga Cemerlang consists of two sub-divisions, namely, the food and non-food divisions. The traditional markets are served by the retail and wholesale teams, while the modern ones by the supermarket, mini market and hypermarket teams.

As revealed by an ACNielsen's survey, several of the products distributed by Arta Boga Cemerlang, including ABC Carbon Zinc battery, ABC Alkaline battery, Kratingdaeng energy drink, FORMULA toothbrush, and TANGO wafer are the market leaders in Indonesia.

In 2001, Arta Boga Cemerlang set up a separate logistic distribution center that provides warehousing service for producers and develops an extensive distribution network across Indonesia. Thus ensuring delivery timeliness to every city and area in Indonesia.

The company has a vast experience in handling a broad range of products, from the ones with short life-cycle, such as fermented milk that requires strict and complex handling method, to the innovative ones, such as health drinks that require special handling procedures.

In addition, Arta Boga Cemerlang has distribution centers (DC) located in several major cities in Indonesia. Each of these DCs has its own area coverage based on the proximity to the delivery locations.

Information Technology

Arta Boga Cemerlang is very much aware of the importance of technology, and thus, has made significant investment in building its information system with the assistance of reputable IT consultant firms.

Through a centralized database server, which is located in Jakarta Head Office, all reports can be published and distributed timely (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly).

Since 2004, Arta Boga Cemerlang has been developing its business intelligence application, which afterwards plays a very important role in business analysis. This project provides an easier way to dig out any required information even right to the lowest stage.

The company has also started using handheld devices to support its sales force in the field.

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Formula - Sparkling White - Bunga Citra Lestari
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