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Kiranti Sehat Datang Bulan

"Women's Secret for Regulating Their Periods"

The menstrual periods can mean a lot of discomfort to women. They may have such symptoms as pain, fatigue, apathy, excessive white discharge and offending body odors that can restrict their daily activities. Now, all these problems can be overcome.

Kiranti Sehat Datang Bulan helps to regulate menstruation and alleviate the problems related to it. The Curcumae domesticate rhizome content with its curcumine has proven its effectiveness in helping to ease the menstrual pain. If taken regularly, it can also help prevent white discharge and offensive body odor. Taking one to two bottles every day from three days before to three days after the period will make you feel clean, healthy and fresh all the time during the periods.


Kiranti Sehat Datang Bulan plus Juice

Kiranti Sehat Datang Bulan plus Juice is a Natural Healthy Drink which is specially made for women from natural herbs added with all the goodness and freshness of one orange fruit.

This new choice from Kiranti has no side effect because it has been clinically tested by BPOM. It is also hygienic because it is produce according to the CPOTB (Cara Pembuatan Obat Tradisional yang Baik dan Benar).

1 bottle of Kiranti Sehat Datang Bulan Plus Juice contains all the benefits of Kiranti Sehat Datang Bulan, added with all the goodness and freshness of one orange fruit.


Kiranti Pegal Linu

"Soothing Women's Aching Muscles"

Active women of today no longer have to worry about muscle aches and fatigue that often comes as a result of their active lifestyle, including the fatigue caused by their incessant household chores, sitting for extended periods at their desktop computers or driving cars in congested roads.

Kiranti Pegal Linu will help sooth their muscles, eliminate fatigue, reduce pain in their joints and keep their body warm. The Zingiberis rhizoma found in Kiranti Pegal Linu will keep the body warm and ensure sufficient and unrestricted blood flow, which in turn will help prevent accumulation of lactate acid in the joints that usually comes after being sedentary for a long time. Kaempferiae rhizoma is effective in keeping the body warm and extracting gasses from the stomach. Taking one to two bottles of Kiranti Pegal Linu per day will enable you to stay active and energetic all day long.


Kiranti - Expertise
Kiranti - Expertise

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